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At AGNI, the strength of our products comes greatly from the fact that quality is embedded at every level of the manufacturing process. Right from the selection of high grade iron ore and coal, we endeavour to incorporate only the finest raw material for production. Equipped with all the modern facilities, our high-tech Sponge Iron factory has added a unique dimension to the manufacture of our rods. The pursuit for precision involves a judicious mix of iron ore and coal in proper proportions as well as maintaining the right temperature in the kiln where the two raw materials are heated. With the process of oxidation and the successive formation of the spongy texture, high-quality sponge iron is produced.

Meticulous screening, testing and storage of the sponge iron further ensure that it has the right properties to be the raw material for the manufacture of billets. With our exclusive Sponge Iron factory producing the requisite raw material, we are able to guarantee assured quality in the subsequent processes as well, leading to a high-grade finished product.