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Mechanical Properties
Yield or 0.2% Proof Stress (Min.) Ultimate Tensile Strength (Min.) Elognation (Gauge length 5d)
Bars upto 22 mm dia
Over 22 mm in dia
415 N/sq.mm. (4230 Kgs/sq.cm)
1.1 (0.2% p.s.) or 485 N/sq.mm.
14.5% Min.
500 N/sq.mm. (5100 Kgs/sq.cm)
1.8 (0.2% p.s.) or 545 N/sq.mm.
12% Min.

A series of scrupulous tests are executed on the products to meet the high quality standards that we, at AGNI, diligently pursue.

  • The Universal Testing Machine is utilised for analysis of Proof Stress, Ultimate Stress and Elongation.
  • The other tests conducted in the Universal Testing Machine are Bend and Rebend tests.
  • Transverse cracks, surface characters, cup and cone formations are closely scrutinized using the Image Analyzer.
  • A Microstructure Analysis is performed for every cast billet.