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The sponge iron that we manufacture in-house goes a long way in adding credibility to the raw material for producing billets. Uniform heating in the electrical furnace makes sure the composition of the sponge iron is uniformly maintained. Before the conversion to billets, the molten metal is tested for its properties, following which the manufactured billets are also subjected to thorough inspection by our lab experts for optimal chemical composition. Once the billets are tested for the right percentage of the required chemicals, they are taken to the rolling mill for further processing.

Hence testing for optimisation at every level is the hallmark of our operations and an important ingredient for producing quality products. Also, we ensure that there is minimum wastage during the production process, an achievement that very few companies in the industry can match. Which is why, even the billets that we produce are certified with coveted standards like IS 2830 and IS 14650. With certified quality standards at every crucial stage, it is a prominent parameter for benchmarking the overall quality of our products.